Friday, June 21, 2013

Navy, Blush and a little Golf Wedding Invitation

This is the Collin/Montague Custom Wedding Invitation. The couple wanted a custom invite suite. We incorporated their love of golf and family fluer di lis to their logo and designs. You can never go wrong with navy stripes and we added a back layer to the pyrite pocket fold.

The Invite came out so lovely and I think will wow their guests...
The outer wrap featured yet another logo
 (I think it is fun to mix it up) 

Inside View of the pocket fold when opened.
The logo was hand cut with an additional navy card
layered on the front of the pocket.

CUSTOM STAMPS! They are the frosting on my cake!! They are an additional cost but, seriously it is so worth it in the  'wow factor" 

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Kim said...

LOVE this one!