Saturday, August 20, 2011

"Wedding in the Woods" Lake Arrowhead Wood Invite

How wonderful is it to receive an invitation printed on wood? I kinda' love an organic element that  adds to the feel of a mountain wedding

Lots of love for this folded espresso cardstock with attached pocket that embraced this yummy wood printed "Lake Arrowhead Invite"
The envelope had a beautiful bamboo liner and the outer flap had the couples "tree logo"

To'spruce' up (pun intended)  the attached pocketfold, I placed the  layers of wood and coordinating cardstock

Response cards like this one, make you want to reply...

Here are a few of the design options I gave the couple.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Vintage Seaside Wedding Details

once guests have their table they will be welcomed to their spot with these "saweet" tags

full napkin set up

my artist rendering of the set the cute children's tags at the bottom

programs were 5x5 folded booklets

each program was tied with a pyrite colored silk cord

some program design details inside

finished menus

these will be set in a beautiful wooden box with sand

my original artist rendering