Friday, June 26, 2009

fanning the flames of love...

thought i would share my most current request....for a fan tag. they asked me to be creative, and left the wording and design to me. (which is fun for any designer) so, here is what i came up with. printed on kraft cardstock and the amethyst hemp cord kept the organic feel of the napa wedding.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

legacy, lace and love

"legacy of lace" (photos by sissel byington and erik hernandez)

the older i get, the more i value the richness of the love in my family. i think my daughter has also caught on to how important a legacy is. kendall displayed her 'legacy of love' on her wedding day, with a beautiful symbol on her wedding dress.
kendall asked her grandmother pat, (married 56 years) for a piece of lace from her wedding dress. then, she asked both her future mother in law, betty, and myself for a piece of lace from our wedding dresses. she then furthered the idea by asking her aunt laurie to sew each piece on a layer of her beautiful" jenny packham" gown. not many people knew about this gentle symbol, but kendall did, and she proudly carried her symbols of strong marriages to start her 'strong marriage' to brandon.