Wednesday, January 19, 2011

vintage whimsical madmen wedding invite

Chris & Carly's Chicago Wedding was a dream to work on. the couples fab style made this so fun. "madmen" feel and bold colors was the inspiration.
vellum wrap with the couples logo

a peak of whimsy on the envelope

opened pocket fold with rich vintage colors

vintage postcard rsvp keeps ya' smilin'

other side of beautiful are they!

love the whimsical map design the bride had done!


Carly Anne said...

We just adore these invites. They’re perfect in every way and you have been a DREAM to work with!

I took them to the post office today and I’m so excited to hear everyone’s reaction! =)

Katelyn said...

We received ours today and were quite impressed. I loved every tiny detail. Please know that none of the effort went unnoticed.

Danielle said...

thanks carly and katelyn for the kind words. :)