Tuesday, February 2, 2010

aqua blue, paisley, bronze, oh my-wedding invite

here is the final product for paige and dane. i have to admit the 800 brass stars i applied, was a more posivite experience due to, my newly purchased "bedazzler" machine. i like paige's choices; 'envelopments:' shimmery bronze/ecru pocketfold, aqua blue paisley, with soft green cardstock accent. this combination of texas meets san diego beach wedding, was rich in details. i am glad we were able to use a combination of the couples logo design choices, on various pieces.


Kim said...

Fab, fab, fab! And I need to see and play with your bedazzler! XOXO

Paige 'Soon-to-be-jensen' Davis said...

You are incredible! I was just checkin out the blog and to see all the invite pieces just laid out in various ways is truly beautiful!
Thank you, thank you for working with us to help bring our ever-changing ideas to the surface. You truly took exactly what we wanted right out of our heads and created an incomparable invitation. I have even had guys friends text me saying "I know this may sound wierd, but your invitation is _________!"(fill in blank with beautiful/cool/amazing/etc)

Steph Storey said...

I really love these invites! I love paisley! So I was taking a closer look and noticed the wedding is at The Levyland Estate. Funny thing is same guy who owns that owns my office building! He lives the life in New Zealand. Hope you're doing great! Hope to see you soon!