Saturday, June 20, 2009

meghan and mino napa wedding

a while back, i shared my graphic mock up of the napa wedding i was creating for meghan and mino.

well, here is the finished product. the wax seal was custom, created in copper, and attached on a hemp cord to the linen rich cardstock. my other favorite part is the cork paper that it is layered on. we used a vintage feel postcard response, and enclosed the invitation in a self mailing amethyst pocketfold. (my current favorite invite...!)


Kim said...

love, love! Want to touch one of these babies! o.k.

Anonymous said...

I ranodmly found this link on the website because I was to lazy to look at my invitation...
As a guest of the bride and goom I have seen the invitation and kudos they are beautiful!

Danielle said...

thanks anonymous! i loved feedback. it looks like it will be a fabulous wedding.
thanks for stopping by.