Friday, April 24, 2009

Napa Wedding Style-meghan & emiliano

some days you really enjoy your work...this is one of those days.

after my computer "died", and men in little white coats took it away to perform a transplant, i felt a bit lost without the creative joy of my computer. not to mention the pressure of work needing to be done. so thank you to the most WONDERFUL computer guys Scott and Tony! (your skills are beautiful!) today i have my computer back and running! wha hoo!

but, back to why i love my is due to the beautiful creative freedom that meghan and emilano gave me in designing their wedding invitations. they are getting married in napa, (sigh!) love napa! so, here is a sneak peak into the design they are going with. the colors are amethyst/natural kraft and fushia.

they are environmentally friendly couple so, to keep paper to a minimum we are doing a self mailer and a postcard response card.


Kim said...

Oh happy day! Your computer is back home. Can't wait to see the wax seals!

Anonymous said...

thanks for the love kim!