Wednesday, January 7, 2009

and so it begins....

Kendall and Brandon

Me and my son Taylor walking down the isle.

today i became a blogger...

I have been inspired by my sweet, talented sister in law, Sissel, to start this site. Her amazing photography and postings at put a daily smile on my face. She has convinced me to share my creations and thoughts.

I think the timing is appropriate, tonight my wonderful Mr. L and I are sitting alone. This is because Saturday, my beautiful Kendall married the love of her life, Brandon. (see pic) and if that's not big enough, yesterday, my baby boy (other pic ) moved to study abroad in Australia for a semester. I'ts been a difficult day, but, not due to the E.N.S (Empty Nest Syndrome)
change...memories...big steps. I rejoice in all the new adventures that lie ahead for both of them. and rejoice in my first new adventure....

this design blog.


Sissel said...

Hey Dani!

I LOVE your new blog! Great job! I'm inspired already!!


patricia said...'s fun to see what you are thinking and doing..keep it up..Hope I can find you again. Mama Mia Pat

laurie said...

This is great. I love you and your creativity. You make it look so easy.
Love you, Laurie

Danielle said...

thanks family for the love.
you are my rock.